Income Tax Deadline for Tax Year 2016
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Income Tax Deadline 2018

The deadline of 31st October 2019 for the submission of your 2018 Income Tax return will be here before we know it. However for those filing and paying through Revenue’s Online Service (ROS), Revenue normally extends the deadline by two weeks into November.

You will need to complete both steps (Pay AND File) using the ROS system to avail of the extended deadline.

On this date you will be due to:

  • Pay any balance of tax owed for the year 2018.
  • Pay preliminary tax for the year 2019.
  • Submit a return of Capital Gains on disposals made between 1st January and 31st December 2018.

NOTE: Pay any capital gains tax due on disposals between 1st January 2019 and 30th November 2019, by the 15th December 2019.

We recommend that you submit your return as soon as possible to avoid any issues that may arise with the Revenue website due to the high volume of traffic as the deadline approaches.

Failure to submit a return on time to the Revenue Commissioners will leave you liable to surcharges and penalties.

If you require us to prepare your tax return for you or are unsure if you are obliged to submit an Income Tax return please contact us today on 053-9235287 or to make an appointment to meet with a member of our team to discuss your circumstances.