Pensions and Investment Business

Our qualified advisors will set out all the options available to you and offer guidance on the best choice for you.

We can provide counsel on:

  • Life cover
  • Savings and Investment funds
  • Pension schemes
  • Retirement Planning

Investment business

Investment business – We are authorised by Chartered Accountants Ireland to provide investment business advice to clients. We can provide advice on setting up a company or personal pension. We can also provide advice on options available at retirement when a pension reaches its draw down date. Our advice incorporates advice on the most tax efficient draw down that satisfies your personal pension and retirement fund requirements. We are also experienced in providing advice on suitable funds for pension investment. We are affiliated with a number of the large pension and investment providers in Ireland.

Three members of our team are qualified financial advisors.

Financial Services

Financial services – We are experienced in the audit of insurance brokers. Our auditors have a detailed knowledge of general insurance brokers and life, pension and mortgage brokers. We can provide assistance with central bank annual returns and undertake an audit the financial statements.