Company Secretarial

By availing of our company secretarial services we can help you with many of the time consuming
tasks that your company is required by the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and the Revenue
Commissioners to fulfil.

In Eugene T. Doyle & Co. Ltd our policy is to ensure that all of our corporate clients are fully compliant with the companies registration office and their company secretarial requirements. We can provide practical and understandable advice for company directors on all aspects of their company secretarial and company law regulations.

An example of some of the company secretarial work carried out by our office is as follows:

Incorporation of Companies:

We can advise you on the incorporation of your new company, from what company type best suits the needs of your new venture, to formation of the company with the companies registration office and registration of the new company with the Revenue Commissioners for the required taxes.

Companies Office Filing Requirements:

Once your company has been registered there are certain forms which must be filed with the companies’ registration office on an ongoing basis. We can assist you in the filing of these forms.

An example of the more common forms to be filed are:

  • B1 – Annual return form B1 with the CRO.
  • B73 – Nomination of a new annual return date.
  • B10 – Appointments and resignations of directors and company secretary.
  • B10 – Changes in directors & company secretary details.
  • B2 – Change of registered office.
  • RBN – Registration of a business name for a company.
  • B4 – Increase in authorised share capital.
  • B5 – Return of allotments (Issue of new shares).
  • G1 – Special resolutions
  • G1Q Special Resolution change of company name
  • G2 –Ordinary Resolutions
  • M1 – Change to single member company.
  • M2 – Change to multi member company.

Registration of business names:

If your company trades under a name different than its registered company name, then your company must register a separate business name with the Registrar of Companies. We can register this business name for you and obtain a certificate of business name. Your bank will always require that you have a registered business name if you trade under a name different to the company name, and the bank will insist on obtaining a copy of your certificate.

Minutes of meetings:

Companies must hold regular meetings, directors meetings, general meetings, annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings.

We can advise and prepare necessary accurate minutes in relation to your companies meetings.

Statutory Books and Records:

Every company under company law is required to keep its statutory books and records up to date. An example of statutory books and records is your minutes of meetings (as above), share register, register of debenture holders, register of directors, register of secretaries, register of charges etc.

Our office uses company secretarial software (Relate Company Secretary). With this software we are in a position to provide your company with a service of keeping these statutory books up to date.

Transfer of shares:

Should the shareholders in your company wish to transfer their shareholding, we can transact this transfer, provide the necessary paperwork, together with providing advice on the tax implications of the transfer both on the company and the transferee.

Allotment of shares:

If you wish to allot extra shares in your company, there are certain forms which must be filed with the companies registration office. We can prepare these necessary forms.

Share capital reorganisations:

From time to time it may be necessary for your company to change the type of share capital in issue eg from ordinary shares to a different class of share. This involves allot of paperwork which we can prepare for your company.

Company Restorations:

From time to time companies may,) be involuntarily struck off the register. We can arrange for the restoration of your company to the Registrar of companies.

Dissolution of Companies:

Once your company has come to the end of its lifetime, we can arrange for the proper dissolution of your company, both with the Companies Registration Office and the Revenue Commissioners.

Dissolution of a company can be arranged through:

  • Voluntary strike off where the company has no assets or liabilities or
  • Liquidation -members or creditors liquidation.

Should you have any queries or require any further information on any aspect of company secretarial requirements or company law please contact Avril O’Neill on 053-9235287 or email